Roadmap To Genius™


Geremy Dolson

"Hi from Geremy. I started your program out of curiosity. Couldn't imagine that it's really possible to increase the IQ but tried it anyways. Now, I'm happy to say that I was wrong. Only 2 months ago my IQ average was around 110 and now my score has been a constant 135 on various tests. Shocking, but in the best of ways!"

Tom Hedger
Nevada, USA

"After following your program for a week and a half, focusing only on 40% of the system and listening to the audio, my mind feels renewed. An IQ increase of 20 points in such a short period of time is something out of this world. Thank you for making this available."

George Heath

"I want to give a personal testimonial and highly recommend your system to anyone who wants to improve their intelligence. I have been suffering from low self esteem because I had low intelligence. Fortunately, after giving a try to your system, my intelligence has been improving consistently almost every week"

Robert Wilkinson

"Would it be ok if we publish about your program on our website? We have still got so many skeptics telling us that it is not possible to improve intelligence, but hey, who cares. I have been following the program successfully and this proves that your system actually works! People will eventually believe once more and more improve their intelligence. Thanks"


"Thank you for putting together such an awesome program! my iq is improving consistently and my life just feels much more relaxed. a must have for anyone that want to make life simpler and more enjoyable."

Jennifer Clark

"I spoke to a few people about the possibility of improving intelligence, and one of my friends gave me your web site. He told me about this website called "Roadmap to Genius" that can really help me improve my intelligence in a short period of time. I was a little hesitant, but thought that I was left with no choice. Surprisingly I was taken back by the website, it was very informative and there was even a money back guarantee so I tried it. Now, I have to say I am truly amazed!"

Ira Alekseev
Moscow, Russia

"Thank you for answering my queries so fast. I only wish I had found you guys years ago. This really works and I love that it's so easy. Thank you again, I will definitely look you guys up in the future if I need anything else."

John Amyot

"Hi. This is really great and I wanted to write to thank you. The techniques are absolutely amazing, explained in depth and extreme clarity. I wanted to improve my IQ because the company I always dreamed to work for needed an official IQ test with my job application. My IQ was never enough to meet their minimum. But this was before starting your program. Now I meet and exceed their IQ requirement with ease! Thank you, John."

Fiorentino Gattardi

"When I found about your program, I was hesitant to try it, but figured I couldn't give up, so I gave it a try. I went through all the chapters and in one month I could already notice the improvement. I am thrilled to report that my IQ score increased over 15 points.

I highly recommend this program to anyone. Thank you again."

Jenna Boyer

"As a successful university graduate, I was curious to see what your program is all about. Frankly, I thought that your program was some kind of joke but after checking all the material I realzed that this is the real deal. The techniques are explained in great detail and will surely help to increase the intelligence of anyone that is willing to give it a good try."

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